Can I install Clerkent on Microsoft Edge?

Yes, if you are running the new Chromium-based Edge (if you've updated your browser since Jan 2020, you probably are), you can install the Chrome version of the extension in Edge. Follow the instructions here to enable installation of Chrome extensions, then install Clerkent from the Chrome Web Store.


What can I key into the search box?

You can search for either cases or legislation.

For cases, use OSCOLA-style UK, CJEU, SG, HK, AU, or NZ case citations, the case name, or the name of the parties. Any of the following should work: [2020] UKSC 1, Case 120/78, [2017] SASCFC 130, "Denka Advantech", "Donoghue v Stevenson", etc.

I have an institutional login for a proprietary database (e.g. LawNet, WestLaw, Lexis, etc.)

Please specify your institutional affiliation in the Options (bottom-left of the popup). Clerkent will then redirect you to your institutional login page when accessing proprietary databases.

The result returned for a certain query is wrong / could be better

Thank you! Please let me know. Do specify which citation isn't working and what result is being returned.

I found a bug / want to request a feature / have a suggestion

Thank you! Please contact me. Let me know the steps needed and browser to be used to reproduce the bug / how your suggestion or feature should work.

Case citations on a certain website aren't being highlighted

Clerkent currently only activates on certain sites. If you send me the URL to the site (stripped of anything too personal), I'll add it to the list and Clerkent will highlight citations on that site.


Are searches tracked / is there telemetry / what data is collected?

Your search queries are used solely to perform the caselaw / legislation search in question. They are not logged or otherwise stored by Clerkent (although some query data may be stored by your browser or by the external 3rd-party databases queried by Clerkent).

Clerkent does not otherwise track you in any way. No telemetry or analytics data is collected by Clerkent.

Contact Information

How can I contact you?

You can contact me via email or Telegram. If you want to stay anonymous, you can use this form.